Threads: Pleated sheer maxi skirt I picked up when I went home to my parents for Christmas weekend. Paired with a black lace corset bra, T strap heels, and a fur vest to ward off the cold. 

I picked up a good amount of sheer clothing while I was home (and an amazing cropped silk pajama shirt). Made a quick pit stop at my local Goodwill and found the most stunning sheer floral print maxi dress and absolutely can't wait for its debut! I also walked away with the most ethereal pink lace maxi robe. I have to style it correctly or I'll look like an old lady who smokes a lot of cigarettes that can't let go of her past. Everything I bought was sheer and maxi. I believe I see a theme here...

My 3 favorite things: Lace. Sheer. Fur. 


  1. Your outfit is beautiful, and the location of your photos is amazing.

    Following for sure xo

    PS I need that skirt!

  2. You said it!!! Those three things are my absolute fav too! Oh, plus velvet :)
    And yes, my dress is from AA. Thanks for the curling iron tip BTW x