I've seen more spine in a jellyfish

I've seen more guts in an eleven year old kid. 

Threads: For New Years I decided to not go flashy mainly because we went see Brand New (oh nostalgia!). One thing I strictly remember thinking back when I used to attend shows a lot was 'This girl looks SO ridiculous dressed up for this concert?', so I kept it simple yet classy (a must for NYE) and wore a velvet red wine pencil skirt with a corset bra top. For the colder air, I wore this asymmetrical sheer button up and sheer tights. Put some new Matiko KLEAH wedges on my feet and a dark lip and I was ready to boogie down. 


  1. Oh wow...you have a natural flair for putting outfits together:) Thanks for dropping by my blog and for following. I now follow you too. Keep up the awesome posts!

    Libby xx


  2. Sweet skirt! Looks like it's from my shop! Digging that sheer blouse.