Picnic in the park

Threads: The other day, my roommates and I had the pleasure of checking out the pop up park in NoLita. so for our Thursday excursion. I wore a simple 'me' outfit. Something casual and easy to run around in (hence the combat boots). This amazing men's shirt by Rogan was picked up at Buffalo Exchange a little while back. One of my favorite things is prancing around in over sized menswear with no pants on. Wore this shirt as a dress and paired it with sheer tights, over the knee socks, and combat boots. Obviously wore shorts underneath so I could sit like a boy in the park (cue Beyonce - 'If I were a boyyyyyyyy')

Details: Let me just tell you how well crafted this shirt is. The coral detailing is my favorite. Since this outfit is extremely black&grey, the little pop of color is just enough. PLUS, Rogan has the cutest tags. Makes me feel like the shirt really cares about me, nameann?!

The indoor park rules. It was the perfect location for us to sit our lazy asses down in those giant been bags and lay around for hours. It's a brilliant concept for New York City. With the weather finally being cold and bitter, this magical fairyland makes you feel like you can wear floral spring dresses (but don't, because it's snowing today and you'll freeze your ass off). We brought in a little wine and cheese and had ourselves a lovely little picnic. If you live in NYC, make it a point to stop here within the next week since the gallery is said to close on the 15th of February. Let's hope the gallery extends it till the end of February since the weather is probably going to be shit.

After the park closed around six, we shopped around SoHo for a little while and then headed over the Chelsea to see a few gallery openings. Sometimes art is really bizarre...but it's okay because there was complimentary wine in most of the galleries to help you appreciate it more. ;) 

Eventful day don't ya think?!


  1. Nice Pictures (some are really funny - with the little figures)

    And your look with the men shirt is great!
    I like your overknees. =)

    lg vanessa win