As days go by....

INTERLUDE. So my original intention for this past Valentine's Day was to spend it with one of my best friends on her couch sippin' wine and eatin' pizza until we passed out. Our itinerary changed when I got a call from another close friend of mine. Cherie wanted us to attend the Rag & Bone event at the Dream Downtown for New York Fashion Week. NOW, I promised myself I wouldn't go to anything NYFW related to avoid the chaos of beautiful people that are too well dressed for their own good. BUT, as Samantha and I pondered about what to do in our old tee's covered in pizza stains, we figured we should take advantage of this event since there are probably thousands of girls around the world that would die to go and it would be considered rude if we passed up the opportunity (especially since I've already turned down tickets to NYFW shows). AND so we went. 

Because it was such short notice I didn't have my camera on hand, so here are a few shots taken from my Instagram (username: katielikatieli). Best part of the night was BAND OF HORSES playing! Major incentive for why we ended up going. Free show, free booze, and free candy. That's A-OKAY in my book.

The real reason for this post though is to boast about my best friend! My BFF4L~* Marc Sebastian Faiella (whom I've featured in previous posts) starred in the newly released The Drums video 'Days'! Also co-starring Amanda Lepore (but Marc's cooler). Please check it out! This video is AMAZING, not to mention The Drums is most definitely a 'listenworthy' band. Let me know what you think!


  1. That video IS amazing!! and you looks stunning at that event!

  2. my friend dana texted me about going to that party! that would have been so funny to run into each other there. oh well!