Charlie Brown

Threads: For some reason the other day I was inspired by Charlie Brown (?) Maybe it was more so the color scheme but whateva whateva I do what I want. I think I was just more in the mood for a menswear look. Plus, COLLARS ARE COOL.

Faux leather is awesome too by the by. These diggs are from H&M. The only unfortunate thing about them is sometimes when you walk, you sound like a rubber ducky.


I decided I needed to show this look with the coat I wore. Since it IS winter here, a coat is imperative. This coat rules, mainly because I got it for 12 buckaroos at Salvation Army. I also love hoods and this coat's got the perfect one!

Details: Stomping around in my Matiko - KLEAH wedges paired with little white socks makes me feel uber cute.  Add an embellished collar and I'm good to go.

I'm keeping this post short because I'm hungry. Sooo, have a good weekend my little cyber frands, don't spend too much time on the interwebs!


  1. i love how you match these outfits and color! cool collar! :D

  2. awww.. what a nice blog..
    I like your collar..
    wanna have one like that .... =3

  3. I love the shoes and socks. you are right, uber cute. x

  4. wow that's a really cool translation of 'charlie brown'. love the color too it's so adorable xx

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  5. Love it! Those shoes are amazing and I love that coat, it would be perfect here in Toronto for the colder weather,

    Lacey xoxo

  6. collars are cool! i need to embelish one of mine! have a great weekend Katie!

  7. Love this whole look!! Love the collar! And I really love the color of your sweater and how it's similar to your coat!

  8. dear you look so lovely! your coat is so adorable and i am falling in love with your shoes!!!
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  9. Your outfit is so cute! I especially love your collar and your wedges! Your blog is really nice too, just followed!


  10. Thanks for your comment!! Of course, I´m following! I love those shorts, and the outfit in general! You´re beatiful!

  11. I felt in love with your coat!

    Thank you for your comment in my blog dear, I am following you now, very nice blog :)


  12. I love the shorts and the shoes! this outfit is amazing :D now following :)

  13. this looks awesome honey.. thanks for ur comment.. i'm a new follower...xxxx

  14. i love your coat ! and your blog is absolutely gorgeous :))
    thank you for following & I'm following back

  15. Lovely look! And your shoes are amazing!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  16. Loving your outfit, those shoes are amazing and I am collar obsessed too !!! Lucky girl to be in New York, I love your City !
    Kisses from Italy

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  18. Seriously - that coat was only $12?! What a great find!
    I love yor shirt layered under that jumper, the beaded collar is gorgeous <3

    Thanks for stopping by, just became a follower xo

  19. What a nice hair
    I love your shoes
    follow you now


  20. wow so amazing, love all the orange.

  21. I love the outfit.... you really a have a good style!really great blog.... well done.... I am your newest follower!
    Greets from Ireland!
    xxx Marina

  22. I love a girl who can pull off a chic collar. Leather shorts = to die for.


    Luis (my blog!)

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