Architectural Digest Home Design Show

So every year I attend the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. It's mainly composed of different vendors showing what products and services they provide. Not always my cup of tea since this show caters mainly to home design and I'm more focused in retail design, BUTTT every year they have a section for Dining by Design. This is where different companies are each given a 'booth' and design a dining 'room' however they wish. Below were a few of my favorite. 

Designed by: jesGordon/ProperFun
Neon's are obviously a huge trend in the fashion world this year and as you can tell, it's been translated into the interior world as well. This design is just hella fun. Kind of makes me want to throw a rave in my dining room (if that were my dining room).

Designed by: Hayneedle
A fucking tree house?! Hell yeah. I think when and if I decide to move to the suburbs, I'm building this in my backyard. How perfect would it be to have dinner on that in the summertime? Too perfect.

Designed by: Ralph Lauren
This is a very typical Ralph Lauren design, but I still love it. It's just super cozy. Makes me want to curl up in a flannel blanket and sit by the fire with all my friends around the table drinking warm spiced whisky.

Designed by: New York University
If I ever had a picnic in a giant open field, I'd want this to be the table we ate at. I'd also want everyone to be wearing flower crowns and ethereal sheer dresses. Unless you're a boy, then you should be wearing suspenders and loafers. Maybe even a bow tie.

Designed by: David Ling
I think I gravitated towards this design because it reminded me of this restaurant in Japan I went to with my family a couple years ago. I love the use of geometry and light in the space. It's a very clean design as well, which I always enjoy. It also makes me want to take sake bombs.

Designed by: Stephaniegoto
This design was awesome. I think I'd categorize it as neon futuristic. The chair design was super unique with these silhouettes on both sides of the chair. It also had those clear stringy things that light from below as the center piece (obviously I do not know the technical term). Reminded me of those toys from the 90's, which contradicts the futuristic statement I just made, but can't you just see Zenon from the 21st century having lunch at this table with That's So Raven?! (<--I hope you guys get that) 

Which one's your favorite?!