Frolic in fringe

What's better than fringe? Oh yeah, these boots! Inspired by the Navajo print on these bad boys, I decided to aim for a Native American theme. Fringe and braids. I'm not sure if this ended up true to the concept, but I don't care because this outfit is comfy as hell. I've been trying to weave more brown into my wardrobe lately. I have a strong attraction to black so it's hard for me to stray sometimes, but I think I'm getting there!

Threads: Crochet tank and fringe sweater both from LF, Sunnies borrowed from the lovely Cait McCarthy, booties by Steven, black skinnies from Charlotte Russe. Assorted Jewelry found throughout the city.

I'm lookin' real angry in these photos huh? The sun makes me squint, thus leading me to have angry eyebrows. Grrrrrr.

Details: I braided a bunch of feathers into my hair. Thought I'd try to be tribal or something. Or maybe I just like feathers....UM but on a more serious note. THESE BOOTS. Dead. I'm so obsessed with them. I cannot wait to wear them in the spring/summer with all my mom shorts. Just tryna show some leg, ya know?


  1. GORGEOUS! Love it, especially with the denim jacket!!

  2. This whole outfit is awesome. I love the boots paired with the crochet tank, aaaaand the feathers in your hair is a great touch! :]

  3. Angry eyebrows for the win sister ! I am crushing so hard on those boots, this outfit is just lovely, I adore that cape/sweater going on and that awesome-sauce crochet top, so cute. Summer is-a-comin' ! Although here in SF it certainly doesnt seem that way, Im freezing my balls off lately, its been so chilly. (Loved your comment by the way on my latest post about awkward encounters..dude, its so true, there have been way too many on my part as well to even remember one in particular..) x

  4. Gorgeous photos! I adore the aesthetic and fringes. They perfectly exude a very boho-esque vibe- perfect for summer! xxx

  5. amazing, cute pics!!

  6. You are doing a great job here, i´ll be back soon.

  7. Good job with the brown weaving, I actually avert all things brown when it comes to clothing and shoes, however, it definitely suits you. Oh, also, the scenery that surrounds you makes me jealous as hell. Aaaah... NYC.

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