Pug puppy

IT'S FINALLY NICE OUT IN NYC! Which means I can finally bare-back sheer. That's a term I like to believe I invented. Bare-back sheer (v): to wear sheer/chiffon without anything but your sexy bod behind it. ie. not having to wear tights/tanktops/leggings under sheer clothing. Sooooo, go ahead and spread that term around ;) This beautiful weather has got me all frazzled. I want to start wearing cut of shorts and no jacket, but I'd be getting ahead of myself. I broke out this number this weekend and I couldn't explain to you how happy it made me. Clothes and food make me happier than most things. Is that weird/sad? Nahhh.

The netted sweater is from H&M several years ago. It's one of those things you forgot was hanging on your rolling rack, and when you finally rediscover it, you think it's a better article of clothing than when you first bought it. Underneath I'm wearing a black pencil dress with this gorgeous 100% silk sheer dress over it from LF. I belted with with a thrifted belt from Salvation Army. ACE booties are by Matiko and the sunnies are from Amazon for a few bucks.

While on the roof hanging with some friends on this beautiful Sunday, the CUTEST pug puppy came out to play. He decided to make a little cameo in some of my photos. Ironically, my color palette matched his! It was obviously meant to be. He's the perfect accessory. Am I looking like a pug puppy or what?!


  1. I love these roof top pictures. Very cool!


  2. You seriously kill me with your posts. Your pictures are so stunning & your outfits are so well put together. DIE.



    www.ChicOverload.com (my blog!)

  3. Gorgeous, love it! The last picture is so cute.

  4. You look stunning!love lyour Photos are just amazing

  5. Ngaw! I want to be on a rooftop D:

  6. really nice post! love your look, the sweater,
    the area around you and of course the cute
    dog <3
    maren anita

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  7. There will be a piece simmilar to this one in my next collection online in fall :)

  8. Amazing look! I love the sheer black of the skirt. I've been lusting after a similar one for absolutely ages! xxx

  9. I love this, gorgeous skirt! I'm the same, clothes and food make me happier too :) Following xx

  10. lovely photos and LOVELY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!VERY NICE