Remi & Emmy \m/

Remember when I said I was going to try to wear more brown tones? Well that all went to shit when I put this all black outfit on. BABY STEPS. I couldn't just give up all black cold turkey! Who do I look like to you?! I threw on this black comfy shirt I cut up the other day. It's got a sweet little graphic on the front of this \m/ hand gesture. If you know me in real life, you would understand why I own this shirt. I make that gesture way too much in daily converstaions. I tried adding a little color by showing my neon green lace bra peeking out of the low cut sides. It was featured in this post (top left corner). I have the cutest lace bras, so I couldn't help but show it off. You wanna know what else I can't help but show off? My new Remi&Emmy bag! It was gifted to me a few weeks ago and I've been using it every day since! It's just the right size to carry all my important belongings like my wallet, phone, camera, and sour candy. I gave it a little personality by tying on a vintage handkerchief found buried in my mother's things.

Threads: Bowler hat and cut up men's tee from H&M. Moto leather jacket from Macy's. Matiko ACE booties. Remi&Emmy black leather bag.

Details: Remi&Emmy is a new handbag line designed by the bloggers and street style photographers that inspire them. They've really got a great thing going on. Their collection is a mix of Uptown Girl and Downtown world. Not to mention, the quality of this leather is impeccable! It's so soft I want to use it as a pillow. Is that weird? Or chic? Definitely chic. I'm currently thinking of making a little DIY project out of it and adding a little sumtin sumtin to it. Next time you see it, it's most likely going to have undergone a little makeover ;)

On an Interior Design note: I can't wait to show you all the latest freelance design project I've been working on for a client over in the UK. It's an awesome retail pop up store that I'm hand rendering (instead of computer rendering). I'm excited to see the outcome. Should be up this weekend so check back soon!


  1. Give me this outfit please :)

  2. Love that bag-- I never liked leather before this semester, but I'm in a leather class and now I'm obsessed. After I bought a really beautiful tooled leather, I laid it out on my bed and just admired it and said "it's so pretty!" to myself a million times. And then I realized it was on my bed and got grossed out and rolled it back up. But it was a beautiful moment right up until then.

    Can't wait to see your DIY!

    xo Julie

  3. in the little mini photo on my blog feed, the first picture looked like you had mega side-boob! and I was like WOAH! but it is just a bra.... lovely outfit! and oh so sunny! x

  4. those boots+neon green bra=killin it

  5. i love the peak of neon! its so badass


  6. thank you for your really lovely comment! (:
    and i love your bras! i want them all!

  7. You look gorgeous! I love that shirt and hat <3

  8. You look amazing, as always. I love your shoes xxx