Sleepiest gurl in America zzZzZzZzzz

Been on hiatus for a couple of weeks now. A couple more to go and I'll be back to posting regularly! I'm currently sitting in the computer lab at FIT drowning in misery at my sad attempt to finish my senior thesis. I've been sleeping a total of maybe 10 hours a week for the past 3 weeks. That means I'm tired. That also means I'm incapable of dressing myself since I'm completely unaware of what time or day it is. That probably explains why I look like a 90's teeny bopper today. I'm also that weirdo wearing sunglasses in the computer lab. I can't help it if staring at a screen for over 21 hours in a row is causing my eyeballs to burn. Sunglasses really help d00d. Ohkay, I'm going to go drink a 20oz. Redbull now and get back to business. Got lots of goodies to show you when I get back, so wait for me will ya!?


  1. i'll have to try that sunglass trick :) i love the pair you have on

    Jordan xx
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  2. Miss your posts! Anxiously awaiting your return :)

  3. I look forward to seeing your future posts :) I love your sunglasses- I've been lusting after a pair with round lenses for an absolute age! xxx

  4. looking forward to you posting soon....and the shades are COOL x

  5. Here in Spain is dificult to find that glasses. And i really need it!

    Have a nice day =)

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