Daisy Doodle

I think a Daisy Doodle is some weird creepy toy bug by Crayola that draws things ... regardless, I thought the title seemed fitting. I wore this dress last week on my last day of classes forever. Afterwards I went with my classmates to the Frying Pan in Chelsea to celebrate. Boy was it windy that day, can't even count how many times I showed my flat butt to pedestrians walking by. What a show! I bet they want their money back. 

The following are photos of me trying to look cool for the internet:

Threads: Daisy dress - H&M | Acid wash jean jacket - My roommate Meredith's | Leather bag - Ragstock | Steve Madden combat boots - My roommate Dominique's

This is me in reality:

Thanks to Kevin for being my lovely photographer that day. Now go have a good Memorial Day weekend, I know I will (and you're probably going to hear all about it).


  1. that outfit rules. i'm loving daisy print everything for this summer

  2. such a fun, easy summer look!


  3. Great outfit, I love how the photos capture the reflections in your shades! x

  4. I love this photos, U are gorgeous!

  5. i looooove this look, i want it in my closet right NOW. haha no but seriously. i love that type of denim jacket with a floral dress and then grungy boots. i need to get a jacket like that or my life will never be complete, sigh

  6. Pure perfection. Haha, love the last photos too!

    Love from a Norwegian model and blogger

  7. I fucking LOVE you in reality, you cutie pie. Now those are the photos Im talkin' bout. That last shot is a gasper. x

    oh and....WTF?? why cant I find such an adorable dress like that ? Stunner.

  8. AAAHH So so pretty! Love your sunglasses!!

  9. loving the john lennon style sunglasses! i got a similar pair from romwe.com!