Morning to night

I AM BACK. Sorry for the long hiatus, but I graduate today (what's up real world?!), so I've been super busy with everything leading up to it. Hopefully I'll be back to posting regularly. I really wanted to start something new with my blog, which is another reason why I've been putting off this post for so long. I had originally planned to start creating sketches of interior spaces and/or furniture designs that are inspired by my outfits and have them correspond in each post, BUTTT I get nervous putting orignal work up online because then the idea is subject to being stolen and reproduced by somebody else with no credit given (unethical, but it totally happens). I think I'm going to hold off on this plan for the time being unless you guys really want to see it put into action - give me your opinions! 

Anywhoooo, these photos were taken a couple weeks ago. A great example of a morning to night ensemble for me. My daywear is usually what I go out in at night, but it could be because I'm just too lazy to change throughout the day. 

Threads: Hat and Bralet - H&M | Low cut jumpsuit - Buffalo Exchange | Oxford shoes - Belong to my roommate Meredith, from Urban Outfitters

I wore this look on the most beautiful day! I was finally done with my senior thesis and I knew I needed a bloody mary. Who better to call to join me than Nicola (photographed under our deliciousss dranks). After soaking up some sun in the park, we drowned ourselves in bloody marys and french fries. She was also kind enough to snap a few photos of this outfit for me. Thanks girl!

I also finally got to see one of my best friends that weekend for the first time in who-knows-how-long(?). Hibernating in the computer lab for my senior thesis had made me loose all sense of time. Meet Samantha. This beautiful blonde bombshell is one of my biggest fashion inspirations. Homegirl has a crazy good sense of style. We're usually around the same height, but I missed the platform heels memo that day.

And there you have it! Morning to night. 


  1. You look lovely! Wonderful pictures!


  2. gorgeous katie! congrats on everything girly :] xx

  3. cool outfit,
    love the jumpsuit!!


  4. that jumpsuit rules! so awesome!

  5. Love the jumpsuit, you look great in the hat as well.

  6. I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award! If you'd like to participate, simply go to my blog soon for more info. =)