This is the only outfit set I shot while I was in Europe. I guess it just wasn't my priority to take photos of my clothes while I was there, but I really enjoy the way these photos came out. (shot by Marc)  I'm all about the asymmetrical hem right now. I'll probably be sick of it by the end of the month though. Whatevs. 

Got tons of shit to do this weekend! (and the 3 weeks following) Super stoked on being busy and seeing a bunch of friends. Mostly excited to not be spending any time in my hot-ass apartment. No AC means death while you sleep. Photos of my busy adventures to follow! Happy weekend! 

Asymmetrical sheer shirt - Necessary Clothing 


  1. love your outfit you look so happy like your having the time of your life....

  2. i just wanted to let you know again how much I love your blog. It's very refreshing and unique and your pictures are creative and appealing.

    <3 Jana

  3. i love those photos and your outfit!