Je t'aime Paris

First and foremost, I want to thank the handful of you that gave me such supportive comments and feedback on my last post. It's that kind of community that makes me want to continue blogging. Some of you bloggers are seriously awesome, but to all those blog h8rs out there, suck ittttt. Don't pretend you don't sit there are read tons of blogs everyday. We all know ;)

Andddd finally the Paris photos! Psh, It only took me what? Like 3 weeks since I've returned to put them up? I still have photos from Rome too... I think I would have to say Paris was my favorite out of the 3 cities I visited. It unfortunately was super cloudy the entire time we were there, but it was still lovely nonetheless. The Chateau de Versailles is definitely my favorite place of all time. It was honestly the most beautiful architecture & artwork I've ever seen. I can't believe people actually used to live like that. Unreal. Also, the food was pretty dope in France. I've always been a big fan of escargot. Omnomnom.

Okay, now for the real talk. I just want to say how proud I am of my best friend Marc. Homeboy is currently in Paris working with Kenzo in their studio. We of course met up while I was there and grabbed some dinner. Funny thing was, I had seen him 4 days before meeting up with him in Paris, except in Brooklyn. So bizarre that we were meeting on the other side of the world. Anyways, the real point of this is that he's an amazing fashion designer working with one of the top designers in the industry. ALSO, for a little change in his pocket, he decided he might give modeling a shot. WELL DUDE JUST WALKED IN THE BALENCIAGA SPRING 2013 SHOW. Like whut?! He fucking also walked in the Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 show. Not to mention he OPENED AND CLOSED the show. That is a big deal! (despite the fact I know practically nothing about high fashion) Regardless, I am so so so proud of my #1 man! Watch out for him, he's going to be HUGE. 

Balenciaga Spring 2013 Menswear Collection

Lanvin | Spring Summer 2013 Full Fashion Show


  1. I LOVE Paris!! Great photos!

    xx Jenny

  2. so jealous! of you for your trip and your bff -- damn what an amazing opportunity!

  3. great photos! and place too!

  4. WOAH! So jealous that your friend is totally making it in the industry. What an incredible experience for him. He must feel on top of the world.. And that's because he is :)
    Wasn't Paris fucking beautiful?! Ugh, I went for spring break with the rest of my class and our French teacher and had a blast. I actually never put up the photos.. I've been meaning to do that. Should get to it considering it's been over 4-ish months? Heh, procrastinator 4 lyfe.

  5. Amazing photos from Paris :)


  6. Wowza, go Marc! Your trip looks awesome!