This is what dreams are made of...

Last stop. Roma! Um not much to say other then we spent a lot of time doing touristy things since it was the first time any of us had been to Europe. It was all really inspiring though and amazingly beautiful. I ate a shit ton of delicious food and had gelato every single day. Not going to lie though, the first thing I thought about when I got there was WWLD? (What would Lizzie [McGuire] do?) I'm pretty sure I was looking around every corner for an Italian pop star to make me the next big singer. Obviously didn't happen since I'm still blogging about nothing... but hey! I'm finally done posting my European adventures.

Start with the Trevi...
End with the Trevi...

Hey now, hey nowwww
This is what dreams are made of


  1. Totally amazing. I can't wait to travel outside of the US.

  2. wooooooooooow!!! wow wow wow!!! my boyfriend and I are going next year, and I'm so excited!! we're pretty lucky living in the UK, being able to hop on a short flight and being somewhere like this! SUPER EXCITED. and the pics are amazing!

  3. I was literally trying to spot Lizzie (the human and cartoon version) in all of these photos. Fuck man, what is my life.