Summer Skin

The summer's almost over. Le sigh. I didn't get to do half the things I wanted to, but that seems to always be the case when your list is never ending. I did however finally get around to going to the Met on Sunday to see the Prada & Schiaparelli exhibit as well as the roof installation. I got to catch up with my dear friend Rachel (my photographer for the day!) and meet her friend Freddy (who is an absolute charm). 

Little do you know, I was on the verge of croaking in these photos due to the heat (I was also really hungry). It was SO humid this past weekend I literally had no desire to leave my apartment except to go to the museum. As I was drowning in the heat, I realized I haven't been in a pool this ENTIRE summer...The last time I was in a pool must had been last year? Maybe. I've been to the beach only once this summer. It's already fucking August 8th. What the eff. To spend a whole day in a pool is at the top of my list. I need chlorine. I need clean cold water. I mostly need the sun because home girl is getting pasty. My skin tone practically matches the nude colors of this outfit. Well not really, but sorta. 

Threads: Crochet dress - H&M | Platform sandals - Rag & Bone (gift from Cait McCarthy!) | Sunnies - Camden Market/London

Soooo any of you have a pool and want to invite me over? 


  1. Love this outfit it`s so simple and great for summer.

  2. you look amazing, i want this dress,lovely post! if you get a sec, i have a new post up, would love to now what you think of it!