Interior inspiration

Retail and restaurant design are my absolute favorite. I love the idea of working with a concept and creating an experience. Here are a few recent designs I stumbled across that I adore. When it comes to Interior Design, my style bounces around like a friggin bouncy ball from a vending machine. 3 totally different style: Romantic, Rustic, Contemporary. All equally great. There's so much creative freedom when doing retail and restaurant design (while still keeping codes and ADA requirements in mind, ha). I treasure how versatile it can be. I'm going to start my own design firm one day, so y'all better hire me, yaherd? 

ESPECIA store by Plasma, Medellin - Colombia 

Davvous Restaurant by Brinkworth, London - UK

 Grigio store by Block722architects+, Thessaloniki - Greece

(Source: Retaildesignblog)


  1. Whoah, loving all of these. The first store actually reminds me of free people.


    Luis (my blog!)

  2. Love all of this. I'm really inspired my interior design too.

    Ava Tallulah