Puppy Parade

The other day a few friends and I went to the Halloween Dog Parade in Tompkins Square Park. I have to say I've never seen such adorable puppies before, I was on the verge of kidnapping one. Evil, I know, but just check out how cute these dogs are! (and occasional baby) Warning: Heavy amount of photos and cuteness. Be prepared to "awwwww" and "eeeeeek". 

I thought I could stick to the idea of design and fashion by showing off what these pups were sporting. Some seriously fashionable dogs. It's seems like this season the hippest trend is dressing your dog as something edible. EDIBLE AND CUTE. 

"Peace mon" - Hippie Dog
Shark Baby - Seriously, if this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen then get off my blog.
Dino Dog
 He has eyebrows. HE HAS EYEBROWS. Devil Dog.
 "Mom, please don't let her pet me" - Ballerina Dog
Princess Dog
 "What's that smell?" - Skunk Dog
Hot Dawg Dog
Pumpkin Dog
Dino Dog Pt. II
Headless Horseman Dog
 Pretty much me in dog form. - Geisha Dog
Cute Dog hehehe
Hot Dog Dog Pt. II
Fairy Dog
Yodeler Dog
 "Get this shit off my face" - Orange Pumpkin Dog
Alien Dog
This guy. 
Taxi Dog
Fierce Dog (?)
Kill Bill Dog
 Honestly though, this guy just wants to eat a burger. - Hamburger Dog
The Grinch Dog. His back legs don't work so he rolled the sled on his wheels. The cutest.
Cowgirl Dog
 Is this little dude even real!?!? - Skelodog
 "Dad, it's fucking hot as balls. Take this off me." Mammoth Dog
 Dey see me rollin', dey hatin' - Chillen Dog
Angel Dog
Super Dog
Another Pumpkin Dog 

Shark Dog
 Well isn't this the cutest Halloween shark dog carrying a severed hand. 
My heart is melting.
 This is Jason, the sweetest dog in the world. 
 "just going for a light jog!" - Marathon Dog
 "Boo." - Skelodog Pt. II
 Pikachuuuuuuu Dog
Taco Dog
 I can't. Cute Baby Dog
 Hot dog chasing Taco. 
My all time favorite girl, Ladybird.

This was long. Sorry. 
Sucks if you don't like dogs.