So if you don't already think I'm the lamest, here's another reason. I decided I wanted to make a little list of goals for this year. Not any of that crazy shit like go to the gym every day. Things that are actually obtainable for me. Small things that (I believe) will better me creatively and as a human being. Lately I've been feeling like I'm in a bit of a funk. Things have gotten really routine for me since I started working full time at the architect firm and I noticed it was beginning to kill my vibe. That's always a big no no. So to get my creative juices flowing, I drew up this little reminder. 

Very simple things that are easy to do. Things that I've been meaning to do that I'm finally putting into action. I know some of the points don't seem like much of a challenge, but dude, it takes me a really long time to read a book and I constantly listen to the same music over and over! And I know all you other bloggers are like "Only 5 posts a month!? That's nothing!", but let me tell you, that is a hard thing for me to do haha. Hoping this will put an end to my laziness. 

Here's to a new year.


  1. LOVE THIS. definitely all doable katie li <33

  2. Realistic goals are the best regardless of how simple the seem to outsiders. I have a similar list. Already fell of the reading bandwagon, ugh. takes me a long time to read as well.


  3. This is such a great type of planner!

  4. so cute, very lovely idea!
    your goals are very similar to mine;-)

  5. nice drawing, and good idea!

    love, Gongy


  6. This is everything.

    xo from NY