A few months ago, I got to make a little appearance in my friends new music video for their band Honduras. It was basically a bunch of my friends on a roof top drinking beer. It finally came out yesterday and I'm so excited to share it with you guys! I brought my camera along to get a little behind the scenes action, which really is nothing more than what seems to be a Coors Light ad. We shot the video on our friend Ross' roof. Ross, by the way, is a really awesome print designer. You've probably seen some of the stuff he did for Sir New York floating around the interwebz. 
Pants - Made by my best friend Marc | Sweater - H&M | Leather Jacket - Macy's | Beanie - Some corner stand | Booties - Matiko 

I didn't get an actual shot of what I wore because I was too busy having ~FuN~, so here's a little snap from Nicole's phone. These pants are literally to die for. There's so much detail Marc put into them that you can't even see. I'll have to photograph them some time. Please check out the video and let me know what you think! The director ,Matthew Szewczyk, worked really hard on it. 

Directed by Mathhew Szewczyk
Cinematography by Benjamin Gaskell and Dustin Oakley
Produced by Maddie Callis and Emilie Laperriere
Stedicam by Pascal Combes-Knoke
Make up by Jihanne Joanis
Production Design by ThreeTrio
Locations by Ross and Atria
Titles by Ivan Kander


  1. cool video! love the boxing gloves haha. and those pants do look so comfy! xx

  2. Amazing pictures and love your style!


  3. Awesome outfit! you are really cool

  4. Great pictures!!

    xx Mounia

  5. über cool snaps - you are all super amazing <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  6. great photos!what camera shoot those photos ?