Adore Me

If you've been following my little bloggy for a while now, then you might recall my love for undergarments. I've always had a huge obsession with lingerie. When Adore Me reached out to me a year ago, I was more than happy to collaborate with them. Last time they sent me something from their collection, I opted for a set I could wear with an actual outfit. This time around I went with something a little more sexy and intimate. I selected a lace unlined bra and panty set and I couldn't be more happy with it. Personally, unlined bras are my favorite because I find them more comfortable and love the natural feel. I'm also a boyshorts kinda gal ;)

What's great about Adore Me is their brand's ability to cater to what you like. If you're into lingerie as much as I am, you should really considering becoming a member of their site. There's a ton of perks! There's absolutely no membership fee, all styles are only $39.99 (try beating that at Victoria Secret), every 6th set is gifted to you by them, there are exclusive sales just for members, shipping & returns are free and your first item is 20% off! Come on, how great does that sound? Get on it girls!