Half Moon - Ferm Living
Mogu - Mogu Takashi illustrations curated by Fine Little Day 
 Stadium Print - Flat Vernacular 
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 Rosey Posey Trellis - Anna Spiro 
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 Vertigo - Ferm Living
Fashion - Ferm Living 

I've been totally obsessed with bold wallpaper/wallcoverings lately. Having just one wall with a bold pattern can completely change the feel of a room. I wanted to share with you a few I've been lusting over as of recent. I'm super excited to install a Flat Vernacular paper (not shown/it's a surprise!) for a client this summer. I also LOVE that Flat Vernacular is a Brooklyn based brand. I'm all about supporting local artists/brands. Once we have it up, I'll have to share with you.

If you ever want to install wallpaper in your own home (which I highly recommend!), here's a little 'How To' that Ferm Living shared on installing wallpaper!