Bad things

Dress & boots - ASOS 
Photos by Cait McCarthy

Sometimes friends make you do bad (good) things. My friend Erin is the worst (best). She always tells me when she finds a great deal online leading me to immediately start online shopping. This dress is the result of one of HER purchases. She told me she bought a ton of great things from ASOS on sale which made ME buy this dress (and another). My friends are seriously my biggest influence in life. From inspiring me creatively to inspiring me to shop. Basically in every aspect of life. I'm down with it though, I fucking love this dress! 


  1. I'm only here to help! I bought the same dress. :) You CANNOT turn down an ASOS super sale. Friends would never let friends miss out xo

  2. Love that dress too! It looks like blue fine china. I'm actually the enabling friend in the situation you're talking about, lol. My boss sees things I buy from Asos and almost hates me, then at least does some online window shopping.

  3. Love your dress!!!

  4. I love the mixture of the black leather shoes and the floral dress!

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