Heaven in bed

I'm so obsessed with my bed, it's terrible. I never want to leave it in the morning and I immediately jump into it when I get home. How could I not? It's just so comfyyyy. I finally feel like my room is coming together and I am so excited to share it all with the interwebz when it's complete. The only thing I'm still on the hunt for now are new throw pillow cases. I have a few in mind but can't commit just yet. I'm waiting to come across cases I absolutely love at a reasonable price point. I did however make this super easy DIY macramé wall hanging a couple weeks ago. The wall adjacent to my bed was feeling a bit bare so I wanted to make something simple to compliment the frames on the opposite side of the room. HERE is the How To if you're interested in creating it yourself! I changed a few things around to customize it to my liking. I used a 2'-6" long copper pipe instead of the suggested 2'-0" to make the overall size larger to fill more of the wall. This means I also made the length of each rope longer. I used clothesline rope instead of cotton piping because I couldn't find cotton piping at my local Home Depot. I got ALL the supplies from Home Depot by the way, one stop shop! And because of my laziness, I didn't want to hacksaw the 3 middle pipes (or buy a hacksaw), so I stacked a bunch of couplings instead. This DIY only included 5 materials for me in total: copper pipes, copper couplings, clothesline rope, scissors and a tape measure/ruler. Super simple and not crazy time consuming, it only took me a night to complete. Give it a try!