Queens Adventure

This past weekend, Penn and I went exploring through Queens. We strolled through the Flushing Meadows Cornoa Park before the rain came pouring down on us. I had forgotten my camera that day so we took some quick snaps with our phones. What a missed opportunity though! There were so many beautiful gems about our adventure.

We waddled around the Unisphere and New York State Pavilion, previous home of the World's Fair. The colors and architecture was just stunning. It must have been wonderful to attend the World's Fair in the 60's. The history of it is so fascinating.
Stopped by the Flushing Mall for shaved ice for dessert. I used to go to this mall with my parents as a kid, but so much has changed about it. It's seriously one funky place and always has been, but walking through the now empty halls with so many closed store fronts was a totally different experience from the ones I remember from my childhood. One thing's for sure, the décor has not changed...

We also made our way through the Queens Museum. There were some pretty awesome exhibitions including the one above - Entre Fronteras. One thing I'll never get tired of is going to museums. They're a constant source of inspiration and motivation to continue creating. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful human to explore them with.
Denim jacket - Thrifted | Shirt Dress - Zara | Sneakers - Converse



  1. You guys look adorable! Great jacket :)

  2. I have always wanted to go the New York pavilion!