Ulla Johnson Design Studio

Photography by Claire Esparros 

This past winter I helped fashion designer Ulla Johnson redesign her SoHo studio. It was such a pleasure working with her and learning about what makes her tick. She's such a creative soul and produces some really beautiful pieces. I'd literally LOVE to own every piece of her collection(s). When it came to interior design, she knew exactly what she wanted, which in my eyes makes for the best clients! We worked with a lot of her existing pieces in the office but wanted to streamline the overall aesthetic of the design so she could focus on her work. Because of that, I custom designed several millwork pieces for her such as the wall length desk, storage shelving, and clothing rack. This helped her keep every thing organized while incorporating a light and airy look to her studio. It's so far one of my favorite projects. It's also been featured on Refinery29 and Elle Decor. Check it out! 


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